Thanks A Million

Published: 23/10/2011 15:10:21

At some point in the last week Tenuous Links reached a million impressions over the three measures we use to track visitors to the site. We would therefore like to thank all our visitors for helping us reach this milestone. So whether you be human, a bot or a crawler we thank you.

Tenuous Millionaires

With over two months of 2011 yet to run Tenuous Links has clocked over a million impressions across its three key performance indicators (KPI) of total page impressions, total visits and unique visits. It's worth noting that these statistics are slightly tenuous in that they do include auto-generated traffic from the various crawlers and robots that inhabit the web. That said it's still a significant increase on 2010 when the KPIs weighed in at between 630 and 750k. And there's still 9 weeks of 2011 left.

OK as social networking sites go these levels of traffic won't worry the likes of Facespace and Twotter, however there's no arguing that it's a step in the right direction of social networking with a purpose and the caring and sharing doner kebab of websites.

This time next year we won't be millionaires. We've modified our tracking to filter out the bots and the crawlers so it might be some time before we see a number with six noughts on the end for a while. However with your help it could help. Go tell your friends....

Tenuously Funny

In other recent news a new website was launched recently. Built on the same PHP Portal framework that Tenuous Links uses, is a fun site that allows you to share the funny sayings of your friends, family and work colleagues.

The web is littered with funny and inspirational quotes of famous figures from history, politics, sport and popular culture, however as yet the gems omitted by everyday people is a largely untapped source of merriment. There are people who post quotes on Twitter, however a dedicated site for the quotes of the common man, woman and child is a pretty unique concept. is a pretty simple concept. The quotes are listed groups and these groups can by just about anything from your company, your student gaff, your college course or even an individual prone to interesting vocal emissions. Anyone can great a group and one a group is created anyone in that group can invite or approve other people's entries to the group, and of course add new quotations. Members of the site can also vote for their favourite quotes by clicking the smiley faces shown against each quote. The most popular quotes are then shown on the best quotes are of the site.

Please take the time to have a look. Even better sign up and start voting and quoting. There's already nearly three hundred quotes listed on the site and some of them will make you smile.

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